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All celebrations are unique and are therefore accorded special treatment, replete with grandeur and opulence that is nothing short of spectacular, enabling you to create memories that will last you a lifetime. From weddings to anniversaries, to intimate celebrations or corporate events for that matter, everything should be picture perfect.

This is possible only through immaculate planning and exceptional attention to details. To create such moments, professional help is just at hand. With Cherish Forever, a professional wedding and event planning services company, you can enjoy your special day with your loved ones as we work relentlessly to provide you with an experience that is perfect to the core so that you can cherish the moments long after the celebrations end.

Indian Marriage



While love unites two souls, marriage is a union of two families. The Indian culture celebrates marriage as a ceremonial rite, which enables two individuals to start their journey in life together. Further, the multiplicity of creation becomes possible when spirit (Purush) bonds with matter (Prakritti). The Hindu wedding emphasizes on three core values of happiness, harmony and growth.


Renew Your Wedding Vows In Royal Splendour

Surprise your spouse by opting for a two-day extravaganza to renew your vows.Celebrate years of togetherness as husband and wife on your anniversaries at Fort Khejarla, a 400-year-old Heritage Property, near jodhpur in Rajasthan.Solemmize your wedding Solemmize your wedding...